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At (BRB), we offer a platform for hip hop artists and beat producers to collaborate. As a fast, up and coming hip hop & rap beats source, we aim to make available the best rap beats for artists via our simple charts page – which ranks instrumentals based on metrics like popularity.

We promote independent beat producers such as Stir Crazy but anyone and everyone who can craft a beat is welcome to join, showcase and potentially sell their productions to our growing audience at no charge.

We have been featured on BuzzFeed, worked with reputable artists such as Complete (AU), Omac (AU), Solomon Childs from the Wu-Tang Clan (USA), Wyshmaster Beats (USA) and Krizz Kaliko – formerly from Strange Music Inc. (USA). View our expanding portfolio here.

Our hip-hop co-operative provides:

  • Free promotional platform for beat producers
  • Free & paid commercial use rap beats for artists
  • Music video production, directing and editing
  • Digital marketing tailored to music promotion
  • Graphic design i.e. CD covers, merchandise etc.


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Stir Crazy helped create defining tracks for artists such as Potluck, Bizarre (D12), Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N harmony), The Insane Clown Posse, Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, MC Eiht, Mastamind and many others.

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Released: March 30, 2010

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Why Use Best Rap Beats?

The reason is simple, we keep the playing fields level. If you are someone who is thinking of rapping, enjoys it as a past time or wants to make it a career but hesitant to spend money on it just yet on premium hip hop instrumentals, you may choose to go for free rap beats. Our free hip hop instrumentals are sourced from beat makers all around the globe whom share their beats with us to provide to potential artists such as yourself to create music.

Are the free rap beats on this site ok to use for commercial projects?

Most of the free rap beats listed on our website are free to use for commercial use but beat makers do ask to be credited if you use their work. It’s best to contact them via their profile page on our website and asking just to be sure. If the user has entered their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp or SnapChat details, you are free to contact them without the need to signup to confirm if the rap beat is free to use for commercial reasons.

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Why purchase premium rap beats from our beat makers?

Well aside from all the years of hard work tinkering with instruments, loops, samples, music editing programs, trials and errors, creative direction, skill, blood, sweat and tears, you also give them hope to continue producing more work to further the arts. We know that a smithin’ up a filthy beat doesn’t come overnight so when you hear a beat that slaps and is available for purchase, snap it up and help the community to continue to grow. We’re all in this music biz together.

Do we make any money from the hip hop instrumentals on this site?

We do not ask or receive money from any of our beat makers, this is to encourage them to stay with us and allow them to earn more without another greedy hand in the music biz taking a cut. We monetise our website via links to certain products which we may receive a small commission for if there is a qualified sale.

How much can a beat maker earn from selling rap beats online?

The short answer to that is, it is uncapped. The potential is limitless as you will be promoting yourself to the world wide web – and if your production slaps, you will receive an unknown amount of visitors which could skyrocket the number of listeners, sharers, likers and commenters online whom may turn into buyers of your production. It is the online world after all where links and connections can be built, scaled and monetised. Overtime, your presence and sales may grow which countless musicians and producers make a living off especially when it’s a hit.

How do I start selling rap beats online?

You have come to the right place. To sell hip hop beats online, just press the button below to sign up for a free account forever. No fees, no bullshit. Just continue the great work and use our platform to your advantage. Goodluck!