The Old Men “Northern Boys” Party Time Rap Song on YouTube Was an Electrifying Entertainment Piece Done Well by Academically Educated Artists.

Northern boys party time rap song on youtube

The song that the Northern Boys are well known for on YouTube is known as “Party Time”. It reached 400 000 views in weeks on the platform, touting usage of several drugs and alcohol – along with masturbation on a tree.

While on the tree, he takes a shit and a piss at the same time as jerking some beef as described by the lyrics. These scenarios play on ones mind creating scenes which one would not dare see on a regular day on Monday.

Party Time on YouTube With Old Men

We will get back to analysing this Holy Grail of art in a modern age done by two the age of your grandfather. The pattern is quite similar in their next single, using relevant themes and further adding to the exaggeration of the situation. They are youthful at heart, living their life with YOLO printed on the outside of hypothetical sunglasses worn tight on their face blinding them to continue their silly escapade.

One watching YouTube listening to the two Northern Boys would think wow, what an icon to behold – at that age they are rocking it harder than what you’d think most older citizens would, is this good for their health?

But stuff it, lets cheer them on and give them a share. Go live your life to the fullest now if you havent before, why not “Party Time, Lets get the drugs out”, why not “Wanna make love, get your muffs out”.

These lyrics are tasteful to the youth “shockingly” right? We hear what the youth are like these days, hell we know what we were like as a youth in our day and some still continue on with the habits that might stick till we die hard.

Its sad we can relate to such a piece, but it is an eye opening bit of entertainment that is satyrised, yes satyrised in the sense that it is not the norm. It is exaggerated and can only reach that effect due to the two artists age and lines deemed controversial due to their maturity. Why are they still doing drugs, partying, experimenting and acting depressingly rebellious in style?

Go out with a bang? Middle finger up? Crazy cooks? Or an ironic take to get attention on a matter that may just be considered normal if they were the regular culprits. The youth with a disease that holds them by the throat and drives them to commit actions that may be deemed wrong but buried without proper care.

The youth in consequence to this action, grow to be adults that may be dysfunctional and depressed, anxious and paranoid, addicted to substances, partying like they used to. They are stuck in a perpetual cycle of negative outcomes.

Norman Pain, he is known for pieces like this

Old Man After Party Time YouTube

Serious? Yes he is, it may just be like this for some and portraying the problem vibrantly with confidence might just leave some more than entertained and inquisitive to this situation.

If the younger generation were do these scenes, they are attention seeking and need to grow up.

But we look further in the ironic take of the Northern Boys, following the exact same structure and accruing incredible attention on YouTube due to the unheard of nature of these elderly men.

Enjoy your moments, take care, don’t get caught up and be happy at any age? No.. Just be cautious and don’t fall into certain traps that may lead to you living a life you might regret.

The teachers have layed the concepts down for you to analyse and take what you need to learn to make better decisions.

Pain and strife.

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